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NRI Lawyer: The team at NRI Legal Consultants comprises experienced and learned professionals from related fields. “Provide consulting services with the highest level of integrity, commitment, and quality to nurture an ever-lasting relationship.”

Legal Light Consulting Services provides NRI consultancy services in India to individuals. Our focus is on providing quality and timely services to our clients while maintaining full compliance with the prevailing law and regulations in and outside India. Legal Light Consulting is a multi-disciplinary consulting enterprise which is established with the aim to provide the requisite support and professional services to Indians living abroad.

Life becomes much easier when genuine and timely advice is received from trustworthy professionals. This becomes more important for the people living abroad who need support for legal services in India. The time and hassles involved in the legalization of documents can be a matter of concern for Indians living abroad. Our Experienced NRI Lawyers have expertise in various areas of Practice. You’ll get an Initial Consultation from them.

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